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Daily dose of carbohydrates

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Being healthy and fit is the mantra of today’s world. We all want ourselves to be fit and fine, and to achieve this, we do so many things, like exercise, yoga, gym, etc. Exercise has always been proven to be good for our body and mind. The more you exercise, the healthier you will be physically. This also means that you don’t have to do dieting or cut back on the amount of your food intake; you can have the proper amount of food as much as your body requires.

In the recent past, though, we have seen many health advisers and dieticians come up and suggest people diet or avoid eating certain food items. Carbohydrates are one of them. They advise us to eat fewer carbohydrates or to avoid them entirely. A Vegan diet, a Keto diet, or any other type of diet plan will require you to consume a variety of protein-containing foods while avoiding carbohydrates. And yes, they also say that we can lose weight without even exercising. But is this correct at all? I have seen people following such diet plans, especially those who are overweight and also those who don’t want to exercise or have the time to exercise.

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Our ancestors said that we should have all kinds of food because each food has its own health benefits. Some have protein, some have vitamins, and some have carbohydrates. Our bodies need all the types of food because they are made up of different kinds of elements. Mere eating of only proteins would not fulfil the needs of our body. We should rely on locally grown seasonal food rather than rushing for continental food items that are not grown in our local areas.

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As we adults keep on searching for low-carbohydrate-containing food items, so we serve our small kids also. But our kids are at their growing stage and they need lots of carbs for energy and the development of their bodies.

When the whole world is busy cutting carbs from their diet charts, let us understand a few benefits of eating carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for us.

It fuels our brain, kidneys, heart muscles and also our nervous system.

It checks our blood cholesterol level.

It helps us feel full.

Children’s carbohydrate requirements

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Starting from the age of 1, children need carbohydrates to grow up and produce energy in their bodies. You need a daily serving of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans or pulses. These food items not only provide carbohydrates but also provide our bodies with other nutrients that help us grow.

Try substituting sweet items with fruits, as artificial sweets contain sugar, which is not healthy for kids. Green salad mixes like cucumber, carrot, broccoli, etc. are also healthy for kids.

Carbohydrates are healthy for us, but that doesn’t mean that we should only have carbohydrates in our diet. Everything is important for our body, like proteins, vitamins, etc. So try providing meals that contain everything on a plate.

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