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Be creative and follow your passion.

Be creative and follow your passion.

Perceiving the world differently is imagination. Imagining about the needs of the world and thinking new ideas or solutions for different problems is how we think about the world or how we think to solve the problems in it. Implementing these thoughts into action is where creativity comes in. A creative mind is always imaginative, or we can say it’s the ability of our mind to think differently. This is why it is said children are the most creative, so let them imagine.

A clay stained hand of a potter engaging in a craft work of pottery or molding

Have you ever thought how creativity can launch your product in the market as well as attract customers? Well, my thoughts take me back to my childhood when an advertisement was launched to change the habit of we Indians. We generally love to cook food in our favourite coconut, mustard, peanut or sesame oil, but this advertisement changed the way we think and urged us to use refined oil in place of the oil we used. It attracted we children by showing those big sweets and snacks which came in my dreams. Still, I didn’t forget that old commercial. Also, it might have attracted our parents by promising good health which is actually not. But the power of imagination can be sensed here.

There are some jobs which require their employees to be extremely creative like ad agencies, marketing and sales jobs, journalism, etc. So, how can we groom ourselves to be creative?

Develop your creative skills:

man drawing graffiti on wall

Find your niche:

The best way to be creative is to find out the area of your interest which attracts you and fills you up with passion. Passion is the only thing which leads us towards being more creative and imaginative. Now here it is wrong to think that we know our niche right from our childhood. For some people it might be correct, but for others it takes a long time to find out their area of interests.

For your knowledge: It took time for Steve Jobs (the founder of Apple Inc. ) too to find his area of interest.

Accumulate more knowledge in the area of your niche:

silver iMac with keyboard and trackpad inside room

Just discovering your niche is not enough, you have to accumulate more and more knowledge on it, as well as you have to keep researching it so that you can become an expert in it.

Meet with like-minded people:

sittin people beside table inside room

When we are between people with same type of niche, we come across many types of learnings which we might not have known. Talking to people, asking questions to them and working with them not only increases our knowledge but also helps us to be motivated.

Grab the small opportunities you get in the area of your interest:

woman holding brown umbrella

Working and learning, or as per the modern term, on-the-job training, has proved to be very beneficial for the learners. When we work and learn, we make many mistakes, and these mistakes build the ladder of our success. So never miss any opportunity to say it’s small.

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” Scott Adams.

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