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Coping with failure

Coping with failure:

Are we inculcating correct skills in our kids, or we are dropping their self-confidence slowly? We ask our kids to participate in different activities and at the same time we let them know that they have to be successful in it. Why don’t we ask them to fail…
Why don’t we tell them to “go explore and fail, don’t worry, I am with you.” It’s because we parents don’t know how important failure is. It’s how we have grown up and heading towards growing our child in the same way. But time has changed, and we all know failure is much more important than success. Each failure are the building blocks of success.


Due to this type of parental education and school education, we often find our kids to be depressed and sad as they are compared with other successful kids. So how can we rebuild confidence in our kids and teach them to cope with failures?

In today’s competitive world, it’s a necessity to teach our kids to cope with failure.

Accept Failure:

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Teach your kid to accept failure. Let them know participating is much more important than being successful. Let them know failure makes things clear to them and makes them stronger.

Ask them to improve:

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Failure is the first step which we take towards achieving something. Ask them to improve on criteria which will help them to achieve success.

Ask them to evaluate themselves:

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If kids know to evaluate their failure and success, there is no need for others to make them understand anything. Let them take their own responsibility and evaluate things accordingly.

Stop Comparing:


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Comparing is like a monster which can break your kid or bring their self-esteem down. So it’s good if you stop comparing your kids with other kids. First, parents should understand that each child is different and accept that reality.

Plan how to achieve your goal:


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Planning things beforehand makes things easier for us to achieve. Plan how you are going to work daily to achieve your goal. Help your kids to plan things and to act accordingly.

Know about famous people who failed and achieved success:


woman sitting down near table reading 101 Essays book

Read life stories of successful people.Each story will let you know how they failed at the beginning but achieved success gradually. This will help your kid to stay motivated.

Think Positive:

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Ask them to think positively about their goals. When our thoughts are positive, our actions are positive, and that’s when we achieve success.

Accept them:

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People with low self-esteem generally do not love and accept their own self. Tell them how special they are for this world and teach them to love their own selves first.

Let your kids understand that failure is a part of success. Those who fail then achieve success are much stronger than those who achieve success in one go. Each failure adds up to your strength, so be strong, stand up and face the world.

“Success is not built on success. It’s built on failure. It’s built on frustration. Sometimes it’s built on catastrophe.”

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