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Build your conversational skills

Build your conversational skills:


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Conversation means two-way transfer of messages between two or more people. When two or more people talk to each other in a positive way, it is known as a conversation. There are people who are not able to converse effectively, or they think they might not be able to keep the conversation going. But conversation is not only talking about your self or the other person, it’s a balance of views from both ends. In the current technological era where many of us are busy in social media, developing conversation skill becomes a challenge.

There are some steps which we can follow to make our conversation effective or keep it going.

Try to make a balance between your talks:


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Conversation is listening as well as keeping your view on the going topic. Listening is the best skill which we can implement to understand the other person. Understanding what the other person wants to convey is very important to keep the conversation going. Keep your view points too in front of the other person.

Keep smiling:


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Smiling is the best way to attract people towards you. Whether you talk much or not, if you listen to the other person with a smiling face, it helps the other person to be comfortable with you.

Be Polite:


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Be polite during your conversation. Be good and mindful in choosing the correct words while keeping your views. We should not hurt the other person in any way. Remember that if you are not polite, nobody would like to talk to you. When you talk politely, you build a rapport with the other person and also a positive image of yours.

Respect the other person:


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In no way you should show that you are not interested in talking to the other person or show disrespect to the other person through your facial expression or body language. Remember that when you disrespect people, you disrespect yourself a little more, hence losing a good relationship as well.

Responding to the conversation:


man in black suit jacket

It’s very important to respond to keep the conversation going and also to be a part of the conversation. If a conversation is going on between more than two people, and you don’t respond, they won’t talk to you or ask for your view point. So respond to the on-going conversation not to keep your view point but to be part of it.

Build a relationship:


group of people sitting on green grass field during daytime

Conversation is the best way to build a relationship. When you listen to the other person, you are emotionally attached to that person and thus build a relationship.


A good relationship starts with good communication.

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