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Confidence building strategies

Confidence building strategies:


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Being parents, the most important thing which we want in our kids is to be strong. We want them to be mentally strong so that they can face the stress which they might face when they grow up. Children who are not mentally strong are not able to face the world, they are not able to cope with different kinds of stress starting from personal life to professional life. At the end, they are failures, they don’t grow in their careers, and they are also the people who lose relationships. We should teach our kids to tackle such problems right from their childhood by building self-confidence in them.

There are various strategies which we can choose to build our kids as a strong individual. We can equip them with many skills so that they can face the world with a smiling face.


Shower your love on them:


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Love is very powerful, it can make us happy and our kids strong. Your kids must know that you are always there to support them whether they are making mistakes or doing something good. When they make mistakes, you have to make them understand positively that it is wrong rather than yelling at them or shaming them. They must know that your love is unconditional for them.


Be mindful while communicating with them:


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Transforming the negative things into positive and then serving it to them through your communication develops them to be a positive viewer in everything. If you have a lot of work to do, don’t tell me I am over-pressurised with work. In fact, tell them that working is important to be alive as well as to develop our skills and to earn money. If you or they make any mistake, let them know that mistakes are part of success.


Use the golden words to communicate with your kids:


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Golden words like, thank you, sorry, excuse me, my pleasure are some words which our kids must know. Here we cannot impose these as a rule to follow them, instead, use these words to communicate with your child. When they help you, don’t hesitate to say thank you, or when they say ‘thank you’ to you, do not forget to say ‘my pleasure’. Remember, kids are great imitators, they learn better by imitating you. So always showcase good and positive behaviour in front of them.


Talk to them as a friend:


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When you talk to your kid, he or she learns a lot from you. You too come to know about your child’s thoughts and expectations. When they know that you are their friend, they become more positive and confident.


Play games with them:


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Play some role-playing games with them. Let them be the leader and instruct you what needs to be done next. Role play games are good at boosting confidence, so let them pick the role they want and help them play and understand the essence of the game.


Give them undivided attention:


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Nowadays, most of the parents are working, and it becomes hard to find time for our kids. Make a timetable and keep some time for your kid. Kids love attention. When they get attention from you, they become happy as well as confident.


Praise them:



Let them know the things they are good at. Finally, praise them in front of others. This will help in building their confidence and also develop a positive attitude.

When we build confidence in our kids, we gift them a beautiful future. So give them that beautiful and strong future where he can make lots of friends and face the world with a smile.


“Confidence comes not from always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong…..”

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