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Coaching and mentoring

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Coaching and mentoring sound similar to all of us, as we don’t know the real difference between the two. Actually, both these words have different meanings, but their goals are the same. Both aim for the development of others and help in learning about their skills and potential. When used, both these words are jumbled. Though their goals are similar, there are some dissimilarities between them and we are going to learn about them in this article.

What is coaching?

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Coaching is the process of supervising another person to improve their abilities or skills. Coaches are experts in their field, and they train the other person to develop his or her abilities. Their improvement is analyzed at every stage, and required feedback is also given. It is generally a short-term process.

When you join a coach, he or she will help you to upskill and improve your abilities and, at the same time, help you to discover your hidden potential. A person who gives instruction is known as a “coach,” while the person who follows the instructions is known as a “coachee.”

The skills needed to be a coach

Deep Knowledge: A person who wants to be a coach should have deep knowledge about the relevant area in which he or she wants to coach.

Good Listener: In order to understand their coaches, a coach should always be a good listener.

Effective communicator: Communication is a necessary skill in today’s world.A person who wants to show the path to others should always be a good communicator to convey their message clearly.

Good Presenter: As it is said, having great knowledge is not enough. A coach should be able to pick up knowledge when and where it is needed and deliver it in a customized manner so that each coachee understands what is being taught.

Good interpersonal skills: Having good interpersonal skills can help a coach understand and influence people. People always love to follow those who influence them, and a coach is nothing much different than that. This is why a coach should always have good interpersonal skills.

What is mentoring?

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Mentoring, on the other hand, is a long-term process, unlike coaching. A mentor is a person who guides and advises people and helps them to be the best in their workplace. A person who instructs is known as a mentor, and those who follow the instructions are known as mentees. Mentors always listen to their mentees and advise them accordingly to be a good leader or communicator. They are the motivators of the mentees to be successful in their job.

The skills needed to be a mentor

Fellow feelings: Mentorship aims at helping others, so being compassionate is one of the key skills that a mentor should possess.

Showing the right path: When we are confused with our career and life, that is when we think of approaching a mentor. So, a mentor should be able to understand and show the right path to the mentees.

Encouraging in nature: A mentor should always have the ability to encourage and motivate others to follow the right path and attain success in their life.

Both coaches and mentors add value in the lives of people and in the world.

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