18 Jan

Chores that can develop responsibility in your toddlers and preschoolers

Baby Sleeping Beside Girl on Gray Floral Textile

Children love to dip their hands into something concrete, as this helps them to learn things practically. Hands-on learning, as is said, can be given to our kids by giving them some chore responsibility. Having fun and learning at the same time is what every child loves to do. How we can teach them to be responsible and also let them have fun at the same time is what we are going to understand through this article.

There are certain chores that can help our toddlers grow responsible. 

Every parent wants their kids to be responsible as that would be something that will help the kids understand things and also parents can relax a little. As parents, we want nobody to take undue advantage of our kids. And to meet that criteria, we have to expose them to reality by assigning them more chores.

Let’s look into some daily home chores that can help them be self-dependent and responsible at the same time.

Cleaning the play area

Children Playing in the Room

Children love to play with their toys, but they also love to scatter everything here and there at the same time. I see my child pulling out all of his toys and throwing them around the room as he plays.It might be that he will play with only one toy car or robot, but he loves to throw all the toys here and there. Once he is done with his playing, I instruct him to clean up his play area. The same rule applies to his friend who is playing with him. One thing to keep in mind is that we can’t expect them to be perfect. Maybe they will keep some and leave the rest. But responsibility develops in a step-by-step process and it cannot be developed in a single step. So let them do it their own way and help them learn slowly what their responsibility is after their play is over.

Making their bed.

Daughter Making a Bed and Mother Looking at Her

Every night, I ask my kid to make his bed, and he is happy to do it. He knows where he should keep his pillow, quilt, and story book. After he makes his bed, I come and read one story to him, after which we fall asleep. I feel happy when I see my child making his bed every night. I know he is becoming smart and responsible, and sometimes he offers to make our bed as well. 

Dusting their study table and chair

Little girl doing housework in room

Keeping their study table and chair clean helps them understand that being clean and keeping everything clean is very important. This will help them understand if anything is dirty and requires cleaning and dusting. Slowly, they would also learn to keep themselves and their dresses neat and clean.

Watering the plants

Person Holding White and Blue Ceramic Mug

Watering the plants is everybody’s favourite, I think. Kids love to play with water and mud, isn’t it? Watering the plants can be one of their favourite activities. Doing this, they would also learn about various plants and how they grow. They would know practically how plants grow, what flowers and fruits are, and how to plant various plants. 

Assisting in the kitchen

Industrious Boy cleaning the Dishes

Every kid loves to have snacks. Indulging them in preparing their favourite snacks would be fun as well as enjoyable for them. This would help them to understand the combination of different ingredients to get a good taste. They would learn gradually how to cook.

A little bit of housework can help them become smart, intelligent, and responsible all at the same time.

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