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Child development: The influence of friends and families

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Growing a successfully needs lots of effort, and it can’t be done single-handedly. As a child grows, there are many people associated with their development process, like the parents, the relatives, the teachers, the trainers, the neighbors, and last but not least, the friends. Each one has their own role to play in a child’s growth process, and friends are one of the important ones. It is said that children learn more when they are with a group of people. To what extent this statement is true, we are going to discuss it in this article.

When they are with their friends.

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Belonging to a group

As a child grows, they make lots of friends. They play with each other and talk to each other. Their self-esteem grows the moment they come to know that they belong to a group. In fact, childhood friendships are very important as they shape the future skills of kids. When a kid comes to know that their friends care about him or her, they feel good and are very close to each other.

Language development

Children learn new words when they are with their friends. As they talk to each other, they also learn from each other. Sometimes it might be difficult for us to teach something to our kids, but they learn the same thing easily through their friends.

I remember asking my kid to not add sugar to his milk, but he always said that he didn’t like to drink milk without sugar. One day, one of his friends asked him not to add sugar to the milk, and he stopped adding sugar to the milk.

Kids also learn to say sorry, excuse me, thank you, etc. by watching others. They also learn to deal with situations or even argue sometimes when they are with their friends. All these are different aspects of speech development which can’t be taught by parents alone.

When they are in school

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School, being one of the most important places in a child’s life, teaches them not only to read and write but how to live in a community. Children learn to talk to others; they understand that they have to respect their teacher and follow all the rules of the school. They learn to be disciplined and to behave with others. The teacher is always said to be the second mother of the child because it is the teacher with whom the kid spends most of their time apart from their parents. So, a teacher might understand a kid more than their parents do.

When they are with their parents

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Parents are the most important people in a child’s life. If children are close to their parents, they do not look for much outside support. If they face any problem in the outside world, they always come back to their parents, who console them as well as love them. Parents always try to help their kids to be a good individual, so if kids listen to their parents, they will definitely grow up to be a good and strong individual.


Interaction with the society around us is very important for the development of a child. When they interact with different members of our society, they come to know how each one is different than the other. It also helps them to understand that we need different tactics to deal with each person in a society. For example, when they talk to the elderly, they know that they should respect them and when they talk to young people, they understand that they should care for them. They should be kind to everybody.

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