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Assign chores to kids to foster responsibility

Assign chores to kids to foster responsibility :


girl planting with green plant at daytime


Parenting starts right from when a child is born. From birth we take immense care of our child, and when they grow up, we start teaching them how to read and write. Along with this, we also want our growing kids to take care of themselves as well as do some chores which help them learn and have a little responsibility.

Benefits of assigning chores to kids:


We all want our kids to understand their responsibility, assigning chores creates a sense of responsibility in them.

Time management:

It’s very hard to make kids understand the concept of time. Once a chore is given for the first time, they might take time to finish it, but the next time they do the same thing, they can do it within a few minutes. This is when we can make them understand the concept of time.

Helping Hand:

As they learn to carry out some chores, they understand how helping they are for their parents.

Being happy:

Children are happy when they hear praise from their parents. So please don’t forget to praise them when they help you in your chores.


This goes without saying, we all know that as we learn more activities, we become more confident. Same is the case with kids too, their confidence is built by doing various types of chores.

Relating to real life facts:

Sometimes we elders think why we teach household chores to our kids. But what we do adds up to our learning. Each chore has some scientific cause and effect. So when our kids take more responsibility for chores, they can relate it to their scientific studies.


Chores should be assigned according to age:

We cannot just make our kids responsible to complete any given chore without understanding whether they can do it or not. It is always good to know what they can do and what they cannot according to their age.

Chores for 3 to 5-year-old kids:


pile of assorted-color toy boxes


Kids between the age of 3-5 can be assigned chores like keeping their toys and books in their places, keeping their room clean, changing their dress on their own, eating food following the table manners etc.

Chores for 5-8 years old:


grayscale photo of boy in hat holding clothes hanger rope with clothes


These kids can fold their clothes and keep them in their proper place. Dusting the house, polishing their shoes etc.

Chores for 8-12 years old:


woman in blue and gray jacket holding green plant during daytime


Till this age kids understand their own safety and precautions, so we might ask them to prepare beverages like tea and coffee. They can also prepare small breakfast like sandwiches, salads etc.

These are a few examples of how we can assign different types of chores to kids. Chores helps them to be independent and do their work on their own when they grow up. So don’t hesitate to assign chores to your kids and build a strong and independent individual.

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