21 Mar

Are kids happier than adults?

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“Happy” is a word that fills our hearts with joy, and we are all looking for happiness in everything we do. We work to keep our family and kids happy. The only thing parents want for their kids is to keep them happy and give them a happy life forever. But if we think from a child’s perspective, are they happy? Adults think they have a lot of tensions and responsibilities to look after, and kids, on the other hand, don’t have anything to think about other than studies, so they are happier than adults. Children keep playing and hanging around here and there, so they are stress-free.

A child also thinks the same that adults don’t have any studies or exams to give, and so they are much happier than kids. A kid also goes through various kinds of stress levels. What are those?

Beginning to understand the world

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The first day of school for kids is always full of tears and worries. This is the day when they are living with their parents for the first time and are going to face the strange world. If we step into their shoes, we will know how much of a sad situation it is. But we adults believe they will enjoy school, and they do, but not from the first day.

“Don’t talk to strangers.” It becomes so hard for a kid to understand who is a stranger and who is not. A school-going child meets with so many people in a day that they don’t know whom to trust and whom to not! This is when they feel confused, overwhelmed, and they refuse to go to school if they don’t find anybody loving there.

Homework and assignments

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Most kids are busy playing, and sometimes they do forget to complete their assignments. The next day, they are in tension, thinking of what they should answer to their teachers. This can create tension in kids. So, teachers should allow them one more day to complete their homework if it doesn’t happen regularly.


Man in Gray Dress Shirt and Black Pants Standing Beside Boy in Blue Long Sleeve Shirt

Exams are always a thing to be stressed about for kids. They are worried about their marks and performances, and sometimes they also get exam fever. Some kids get panic attacks and they can go to any extent to harm themselves.

There are various reasons for kids to also be tense. Earlier, we knew how important the 10th class board results were for us. That which decided our future and students who did not score well also committed suicide. This is why the government had to change the rules, and now marks are not given much importance.

The only thing we should teach our kids is to be happy and not burden them with lots of studies or classes.

“All kids need is a little help, a little hope, and someone who believes in them.”     Magic Johnson

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