17 Aug

7 tips to improve kids’ organisational skills

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Knowing how to organise things and keep them in their proper place is very important in all aspects of our lives. Starting from our home to our work place, if we can keep ourselves organised, our work seems to be much easier to handle. This is one of the essential skills which must be instilled in our kids from their childhood itself so that they can not only learn to live in a systematic way but also improve their grades. Here are some important tips which can help our children to be organised.

Sorting out things

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The first step of organising is sorting. Yes, sorting can help us organise ourselves by separating important documents and papers into different files and folders.

For example; notes can be kept in one file while certificates and report cards can be kept in another. Children have different subjects to read and deal with many assignments, activities, and tests related to them. It would assist them in creating separate files for each subject so that they would be available when needed.

Prepare a checklist.

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A check list can help students prioritise their daily activities. This is one of the best ways to teach organising habits to those students who are fully disorganised. Once they prepare their checklist, they know what they need to do first as a priority task.

Make school planners.

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It is very easy for kids to forget about their homework and assignments as they get involved in many other activities. A school planner can help them know when and how to complete the given assignments. They can submit their assignments on time and get good marks for their timely submission of the given work.

Visual reminders

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A simple way to keep students on track is to remind them what they need to do next. If there is an important deadline to be completed, then colourful stickers and colour-coded labels would be a great help to remind them and get the activity completed on time. Colors and stickers can also encourage kids to create their own visual reminders.

Choosing buddies

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In many corporates, they create buddies for the newly joined employees to learn more about the company’s systems. It has proved to be helpful as buddies not only help us to know about systems but also become our true friends. Assigning buddies for kids would be a great idea to help them have a friendship bond between each other as well as help each other in completing assignments and submitting them on time.

Cleaning up the mess

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Cleanliness is godliness. The phrase remains true for all the generations to come. It’s really hard to focus on our work if our work area is messy. Help your kids learn this skill and schedule a day as a “cleaning day” once a week. Ask your kids to throw away all those papers and documents that are no longer needed. Help them keep all the old books and notebooks in a separate place so that they can be given to somebody who needs them or be given to the scrap dealers.


Sometimes it seems that we can do all our daily activities without the help of these organizers, but if we create a habit of organising with the help of these organizers, it will lead us to a successful and happy life.

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