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5 Ways to teach kids to manage their own conflicts.

5 Ways to Teach Kids to Manage their Own Conflicts.


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Conflict happens in everybody’s life. It’s a part of our life. Knowing how to deal with it is very important as it helps us to grow a healthy relationship. At the same time, not knowing how to deal with conflict can bring various negativity in our life.

Our small kids are growing, and each day they learn something new. They are not far from conflict. Most of the time we find them fighting with their friends for one or the other reason and adults have to intervene in between to solve their problem. Sometimes conflict happens between adults and the reason for the same is our kids. Here it becomes very important to teach our growing kids to deal with conflict. It is not something which would solve their childhood conflicts but also helps to deal with conflicts in their personal and professional life when they grow up.

Below are a few tips to teach conflict management to our kids.

Let them calm down

When we find them in between conflicts, it’s good to calm down first and then listen to them one by one. Remember not to scold any particular child regarding the on-going conflict. Try to find a solution to the problem and solve their problem keeping their happiness in mind.

Let them understand the situation

Solving their problem would not let them understand the situation. Let them realise where their mistake is by asking various questions to them and then finding the answers and a solution to the problem on their own. When we ask questions and let them find the solution on their own, they understand their mistake as well as how to deal with the problem.

Say sorry

Teach your kids to say sorry and also to value it. Saying sorry and repeating the same mistake again do not give value to the word sorry. It might be difficult for a child to say sorry to his or her friends. Here we should make them understand how valuable the other person is and how we can keep a good relationship with others.  Let them know that there is nothing wrong to say sorry even if they think that it’s the other person’s mistake.

Forgive others

The best way to manage conflict is to forgive others and get relieved from the burden of thinking about mistakes. Develop a “let it go” attitude in them. Make them understand that they should let go and forget about all the conflicts then and there and start a new day with a smiling face without thinking of the conflicts and mistakes that happened yesterday. 

Be happy and make others happy

We should also let them know how important it is to be happy and look at the positive side of things rather than the negative one. Being happy means more friends and more enjoyment. Let them understand that being happy is the most important thing that they can learn and possess in their life.

Small kids might not be able to deal with every problem. In such cases, it is our duty to make them understand and also instruct them on various social behaviour skills which would help them in the future when they grow up.

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