17 May

5 story books which can instill a reading habit in kids

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Instilling a reading habit in kids might seem to be a tough job for parents. It is very hard to drag them out of playing and make them sit to learn something. Yes, they would love to learn to draw and craft, but the moment it is a question of studies, few children might abstain from it. But knowing how to read and write is very important. Parents must look for various techniques that help their little ones gain interest in such activities.

There are many books which can help our little ones to start reading and writing. Let’s know about a few of them.

Practice with Peppa.

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Practice with Peppa—Wipe-Clean First Writing helps in developing handwriting skills. A key handwriting pattern is given in this book where children can trace and learn to write both capital and small letters. This book is good for beginners to understand how to write.

My Little Pony

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This book is packed with lots of games and puzzles. Your little one can have fun while learning through this book. It has more than five hundred stickers with bright color illustrations and lots of themes. If you want your kids to practice words outside of school, then this book would be a great help.

Big Machines

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Reading is the best skill a child can learn to do as it helps them to grab more and more knowledge from books. Big Machine is a very informative reading book where children gain knowledge about tractors, diggers, bulldozers, etc. Boys are very interested in four-wheelers and they would really love to read this book.

Trip–Trot Tippy-Toes

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Stories filled with humor are always the readers’ favorites. This book can ignite a love for reading in books when they come across many stories with beautiful language. They can see how the skipping and hopping hare challenges a tortoise in a race. They can start visualizing the story in their mind and, hence, would be curious to read more.

The Little Mermaid

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Fairy tales are always a kid’s favorite. They can imagine a new world full of beauty and magical things while reading this book. A mermaid is an imaginary creature that is there in our minds, but in reality, they don’t exist. But for children, these creatures are real in their own imagination and this is why they would love to read more so that they can connect to their world of imagination.

Try to provide various story books and activity books for your small kids. Some books are full of pictures, but don’t think that would be a waste of time for kids because they can create their own unique story by looking at the pictures. Books are said to be our best friends as they help us to learn about the world and keep us entertained through different stories.

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